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Q?What is the turn around time for your service?

ASAP shoots for a day turnaround for all computer repair related diagnostics. The repair depends on whether the item is in stock or we have to order it.

Q?Can ASAP recover my data?

Yes! ASAP offers a data recovery service. We can recover data from a failing or failed hard drive. Often times hard drives really haven’t failed, sometimes the issue is simply the partition data has been corrupted, or a very important sector on the hard drive has gone bad. However there is still a chance to recover data!

If the Hard Drive is too damaged we can recommend an advanced data recovery service if the data is absolutely imperative.

Note however, data recovery is NOT always 100% there are times where certain files are far to corrupted to recover. Or a hard drive is too far mechanically damaged to recover data.

Q?When a problem is identified will ASAP charge hourly?

ASAP will not start work until we have a confirmation from you. Most of our prices are static depending on what were working on and what the problem is. For example we have static prices on Virus Removal and OS reloads but not on a hinge repair for a laptop, we have to take in consideration the price of parts and how difficult it is to repair that specific laptop.

Q?Will it cost me anything to bring my computer in?

Absolutely not. Diagnostics are completely free. ASAP will not do any work until you have been contacted with the issue and given options on how to fix it. We will then give you the price and get your machine in working order.

Q?Will ASAP make periodic status calls?

Yes, we frequently make calls to our customers with the status of their machine. We believe customer-ASAP communication is key to the relationship building process.

Q?Do your products have warranties?

All purchases of used computers are final. ASAP provides a 90-day warranty against hardware failure on all used items. We will repair or replace the product with a similar item at the sole discretion of ASAP. Returns of new products may be made within 14 days of the sale date. The sales receipt is required and all original packaging must be returned with the product. Restocking fees may apply.

Q?What does On-Site service entail?

On-Site service is a service ASAP is proud to have. You can scheduled at your convenience to have a experienced qualified computer technician right in the comfort of you’re own home! Yes, you can ask as many questions as you want! We like to talk Geek! In English of course.