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ASAP Computers – Windows 10 and what it means for you

What is windows 10?

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest announced Operating System set to release Q3 of this year. The operating system is fundamentally built around the very fast but much to be desired for Windows 8 Operating System.

What is new about it?

Behind closed doors some features have us tech guys buzzing around. However Microsoft made many quality of life improvements for the average user and additional changes to the way the Operating System looks.

Windows 10 will feature a re-defined start button. They now let you customize what you want to see when you press “Start” instead of the screen encompassing -Metro- menu in windows 8. You can create or re-size the metro apps and place them conveniently to your familiar start button favorites.

Microsoft has improved the look and feel of the Metro apps as well. When you click on an app it will no longer dump you into a full screen page. This allows you to move the app around and re-size it as you please. This is especially cool for things like the Windows mail app. Also being replaced is the left side app switching menu which was hard to find and overly confusing. This allows for moving/organizing/navigating your favorite apps seamlessly with any Windows programs you use.

windows10 app commands

Windows 10 gets rid of the ugly side charms menu that for some users was a nightmare to navigate, and up until windows 8.1 rarely new about. Now all your settings from connecting to wifi to changing your password has been merged into a single menu located on your new start button.

There are some really cool other little features Microsoft is adding to Windows 10, which you will have to discover for yourself. However for the average home user this Operating System seems like a step in the right direction.

What does this mean for me?

Well… Simply put; not much. Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users for a year. Which means you have 364 days to sit on the side lines and watch Windows 10 mature. This release does not mean that Windows 7 or 8 will loose some years on it’s life cycle. In fact Microsoft reports Windows 7 end of life to be January 14, 2020. Microsoft is shooting for prolonged life with Windows 10, by doing major upgrades to the system it’s self instead of released new windows versions (I.E 11, 12, 13) Which means we may not have to continuously purchase new versions of windows every time they change a nifty menu.

We still have questions, who do we ask?

Nothing is set and stone quite yet. However you can always give ASAP Computer Services a call at 352-732-2727. We would love to answer any questions you, whether it be about computer upgrades to Windows 10 or any Computer repairs you may need.

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